We Install Siding

At AJT Home Improvements, we offer the best possible siding service available. One of the easiest ways to rejuvenate a home’s timeless beauty is through premium siding. Siding for your home accomplishes two very important aspects. The first aspect is the refuge from elements.

Siding is your home’s protective jacket from rain, snow, or intense heat. Good siding is not only beautiful but extremely cost-effective due to influence on heating and cooling bills. The second important aspect of siding is that it’s one of the best ways to redefine and refresh your home’s aesthetic appeal. Here at AJT, we can walk you through the process of finding the proper siding material you need to radiate your home’s elegance.

At AJT Home Improvements we know that customers want a wide variety of only the best materials available. That is why we offer everything you could ask for–vinyl, aluminum, cedar, stone veneer, and much more. Each material has it’s strengths and weaknesses when comparing it’s protective and aesthetic value and our staff is always available to help you with these choices. For example, a wood-strip siding may be the most visually appealing siding option available, but without a continuous waterproof seal behind the wood, it might lack your protective needs if not taken into account.

Questions like these are why AJT’s customer service and expansive knowledge base is so valuable. Don’t worry about the detailed specifics about your siding– our AJT siding specialists have you in the best of hands. Our highly trained contractors are here to listen and work with you to achieve your siding goals. We can facilitate your siding wants and/or questions and tell you exactly what may or may not work for your home.

Contact us today with any questions you may have about your home’s future siding with a free estimate.