We Design, Build & Install Walkways

When it comes to setting your house apart from your neighbors, few things are as crucial as curb appeal. A well-crafted walkway can add an elegance and beauty you never thought possible.

At AJT Home Improvements, we offer a wide assortment of only the best materials to choose from: paverscobbleflagstonegranite, and bluestone. Each of these materials has its own personal insinuation. For example, a handmade pavers walkway has a slightly imperfect appeal to it. It may lend itself more to a home that has an aging charm and casual beauty. Whereas a bluestone walkway may be ideal for a home that is more precise and on the clean-cut sides of style. Bluestone is another example of a material with a specific homely insinuation. Bluestone is often more durable and smooth than others and therefore exhibits an air of precision and exactitude. These types of questions can easily be answered by our staff’s expansive knowledge and helpfulness.

Let AJT Home Improvements effortlessly guide you through the decision process for so many possible questions and concerns about the correct material and construction manner. It is our utmost responsibility to work with you to develop and construct your dream walkway.

Contact us today to schedule a free estimate or relay any questions or worries you may have about your dream walkway today.